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I had originally posted this as a reply to THIS POST and a friend of mine told me I should repost this on its own so more people see it. I apologize if you are following me and seeing this again.

Hey, folks.

I’ve been reading up on this fiasco and… well, I have a lot of very complex…

A majestic take down of Dashcon’s business failures from someone with serious know-how of the industry works.

Still want to defend this fuckery?





This is a blog post that’s incredibly confusing and painful for me to write.

Yesterday morning, Josh forwarded me a tweet that said:

TIL: Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, raped a friend of my friend while attending Goucher College. I don’t support CAH.

Having gone to college with both of these people I cannot understand why he thinks this is something she would make up. All she’s asked for is people to know that this happened.

I’m standing with my friend against her rapist.

Please, please, before you reblog this, read Max Temkin’s response. Read it again, and keep reading it until you see all the things he’s saying. Read it until you see all the things he’s not saying. 

Notice how he never apologizes. The word “if” has to be inserted into every sentence. “IF she felt I did something wrong,” “IF any part of that was traumatic for her.” Notice how he bandies about words like “feminism” and “rape culture”, and how he uses them to divert blame from himself.

Part of rape culture that hurts everyone is that it makes it difficult to talk about what is and is not consent, and makes it incredibly scary for people to speak up when their boundaries are crossed. It is entirely possible she read something completely different than I did into an awkward college hookup.”

It’s not his fault. It’s rape culture’s fault. Rape culture muddles boundaries. How was he supposed to know that he crossed one? Don’t forget, a huge part of rape culture is the presumption of consent. 

I will continue to be a feminist and an advocate for women’s rights to the best of my capacity. Cards Against Humanity will continue to hire amazing, talented women.

We removed all of the “rape” jokes from Cards Against Humanity years ago. We’ll continue to use the game as best we can to “punch up” and not “punch down.”

In what way is Max Temkin an advocate for women’s rights? Because he removed the date rape card from CaH? Because he hires women? That’s a pretty low bar for advocacy. Google “Max Temkin women’s rights” and the very first hit is this post. There are no records that I found of any activism on his part. 

Even if he were, how does A equal B? What does his hiring practices or the cards in CaH have to do with an accusation of assault? Max Temkin can’t have hurt a woman, because he’s a feminist? Hey, I heard that person isn’t racist because he has a black friend. 

Notice how bad we’re supposed to feel for him. 

I have made a career on the incredible power of social media, and the radical new ability that we all have to say whatever we want to a mass audience. Today I can’t help but feel hurt by those same tools that I love.

He feels hurt! He needs a hug! Never mind that he states outright he’s harassed his victim, sending her at least two messages (one via email, one via FB message) that he’ll admit to. No where in the text does he acknowledge the harm done to his victim, and while he tells his fans not to harass her further, he doesn’t acknowledge that this harassment is taking place, nor apologize for it. Because, remember, this isn’t a post about her assault. It’s a post about how “This is just baseless gossip that will now haunt me for the rest of my life.” Like those poor Steubenville kids with their bright futures. 

But the point where this gets truly disgusting is here: 

I spoke with my lawyer, and she thinks I have a clear case to sue this woman for libel and get a restraining order, but I have no desire to bully or harm her. Additionally, I’m not wild about the precedent that sets for other women to come forward in cases of actual sexual assault.

Part of this paragraph, like the rest of the post, is crafted to earn our sympathy. He could seek legal action, but he won’t, because he’s such a good guy. Look at him taking the high ground (and flaunting it.) Look at him protecting “other women.” 

The truth is, he almost certainly could win a libel suit against his victim. The crime wasn’t reported at the time, and there’s no physical evidence. We all know our courts will go to any lengths to avoid prosecuting and convicting rapists, even in recent cases with clear and unambiguous evidence. What chance does a victim shamed into silence for ten years have? 

But the second, more sinister part of this is the way he throws shade on his victim. Don’t miss the implicit threat. He never says he won’t sue, he says “he has no desire to bully or harm her”. (More than he already has, presumably.) He doesn’t want to hurt her, but again, she’s forcing his hand. If he sues, it will be because she made him. And there’s that subtle dig at the end, too. “Cases of actual sexual assault”. He’s minimizing her experiences to make himself look better. 

All in all this is an epic piece of mansplaining. It’s also super gross.

Read this. It’s important.


Sarcasm of Daria, part 2.

and the first one.


Can we not do this today? Just give me one day of peace damn you! [X]

*eyes drift downwards*


Can we not do this today? Just give me one day of peace damn you! [X]

*eyes drift downwards*




Attention fans of Bryan AND Neil! <3!

I think Bryan was also working on High Moon (hm, looks like that may not be going forward. But still, he was), so this doesn’t mean he’s leaving Hannibal or anything. It may mean that he never gets any sleep ever again, but…

(Will there be flower crowns?)

AV Club said he’s writing the pilot and main showrunning duties will probably go to the other guy. I’m a selfish Fannibal, I know. 


Attention fans of Bryan AND Neil! <3!

Yay, but please don’t leave Hannibal, Bryan!










So this is the associate editor for the new The Mary Sue. Awesome.

Yep. Totally happy this charmer has a senior position on my favourite girl geek site. Straw feminism, breakfast of champions!

Woah what the hell is this

It’s a disaster :[

Over the weekend and with no notice to The Mary Sue community, the site merged with an ailing general geek blog called Geekosystem under the Abrams Media banner. This has resulted in the following changes:

  • The site's been given a very generic-looking overhaul that has too much white space
  • All explicit mention of feminism and female-identifying geeks in the site’s About pages and tagline (which was previously A Guide To Girl Geek Culture) have been either removed entirely or replaced with very generic “for geeks” taglines and “we’re inclusive - everyone welcome!”.
  • Geekosystem’s writers have joined TMS. They aren’t all women, which isn’t in itself a bad thing, but kinda contrary to TMS’s old mission (“We’re going to talk about geek girls, and we’re going to let geek girls talk”). Despite reassurances that they were feminist allies, associate editor Glen Tickle in particular decided to respond to the community’s valid concerns about the site’s new direction with the above tweets.
  • He was also extremely mansplainy in the reddit AMA (best place ever for a feminist community to have an AMA amirite) about the merger, even at one point attempting to derail the concerns about removing female branding from the site by saying “Did you know 55% of the readership for TMS last month was male?”.
  • Even if true (source of statistics unconfirmed), this does nothing but cast doubt on why the female branding needs to be removed from the site. It was obviously attracting the right kind of male readership with its unique lady geek focus.
  • Both the original TMS crew and the Geekosystem crew have all so far completely failed to address his problematic behaviour. They ignore any attempts by community members to get it addressed.
  • The comments on articles since the merger have basically been sexist derailment bingo like you’d get on any other site, including but not limited to “but what about the menssss”, “why is this important when there’s war in the middle east” (sadly deleted, what a gem), “it’s your responsibility to handle online harassment”, and “I’ve never seen any harassment of a female during my 240 hours of playing XYZ”.

In short, the site is fucked as a feminist fun/safe space if the new leadership don’t take some kind of responsibility and get a grip on the situation toot sweet.

This is such a bummer.

Ugh. The AMA alone is enough to make me want to stop following TMS on Tumblr and Twitter. What a shame.

i keep forgetting and going back to the site and being like “why is it suddenly so much worse”


Ugh, did not know this.

Way to alienate your potential and existing customers/members/fanbase: Taking over and making drastic changes to an existing (business) model which the current members have considered a safe space, and dismissing questions and concern from your members in an off-hand and patronizing way. Bonus points for misogyny, entitlement and general douchebaggery.

The new establishment is busy making changes and destroying all defining characteristics of original site. I’m certain that the current members will stick around for a while just to see if things will improve, but when the PTB have managed to turn The Mary Sue into yet another bland pop-culture/geek site aimed at 20-35 year males, I’m predicting a mass exodus.

How very disappointing and not at all surprising.